1 (00:00 - 00:15)

Man in the High Castle: "Jahr Null”
Statue of Liberty team member: Replaced a stock model of the torch with a historically accurate version for the 1960s. UVs for shading hand-off. Refinement modeling on a stock model version of the fort, base, and plinth of the statue to bring it inline with the detail resolution needs of a VFX shot. UVs, and shading on the fort, base, and plinth.

Ferry team: UVs and shading of third reich ferry model.

2 (00:15 - 00:19)

Man in the High Castle: "Now More Than Ever, We Care About You”
Architecture team member: Historically accurate modeling of 292 Madison Avenue’s ground floor. UVs and shading. Newspaper stand UVs and shading.

3 (00:19 - 00:31)

Silicon Valley: "Fifty-One Percent”
Set extension team member: Modeling and UVs of entrance way around cast, perimeter walls, conference rooms, and glass panels. Modeled ceiling conduits and wiring. Glass panel shading. Set assembly of assets from modeling team.

4 (00:31 - 00:41)

Strange Angel: “Augurs of Spring”
Wind tunnel and propellors modeling, UVs and shading.

5 (00:41 - 00:51)

Strange Angel: “Glorification of The Chosen One”
Moon flag and pole modeling, UVs and shading. Crease and fold simulation on the flag.

6 (00:51 - 00:56)

Man in the High Castle: "Jahr Null”
Coit Tower set extension: Modeling, UVs and shading.

7 (00:57 - 01:01)

Man in the High Castle: "Imagine Manchuria”
Vessel team member: Greebling on Japanese gun boat, troop transport loader and tug. UVs and shading on all three vessels.

8 (01:01 - 01:06)

The Romanoffs: “End of the Line”
Matte painting team: Modeling of tank plinth. UVs and shading of tank and plinth.

9 (01:06 - 01:10)

Man in the High Castle: “History Ends”
Architecture team member: 106 Central Park South, modeling and UVs. Ritz Carlton Central Park, modeling and UVs. 292 Madison Avenue, modeling, UVs and shading.

10 (01:10 - 01:15)

Strange Angel: “The Mystic Circle of Young Girls”
Set extension team member: Piston aero engine, modeling, UVs and shading. P38 engine nacelle (housing) modeling, UVs.

11 (01:15 - 01:20)

Strange Angel: “The Sacrificial Dance”
JATO (Jet assisted Take Off) rockets modeling, UVs and shading.

12 (01:20 - 01:25)

Strange Angel: “Sacrament of the Ancestors”
Mini rocket: modeling, UVs and shading.

These production are the culmination of hundreds of hours of work from the talented team at Barnstorm VFX. I am proud to have contributed a role and respectfully describe solely the extent of my responsibilities within the team.

The Man in the High Castle
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Silicon Valley
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Strange Angel
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The Romanoffs
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